QC Lifestyle Club Membership

Join our membership club today and immediately receive 10% off select QC Medical Group products and services. Upgrade to the Platinum membership plan and receive larger discounts on select products and services as well as eligibility to join the QC Lifestyle Club affiliate program and participate in team sales and bonuses on all NutrimedRX products and select QC Medical Group medical services.

There are two membership packages available within the QC Lifestyle Club, namely Platinum and Wholesale.

Platinum Membership

  • Plan pricing is $10/month
  • 10% off certain QC Medical Group products and services
  • 15% of QC Wellness HRT consultations
  • Free quarterly nutrition assessments
  • Ability to participate in QC Lifestyle product team sales compensation and company sales bonus payouts
  • Required to purchase at least one NTMcore product on monthly automatic shipment

Wholesale Membership

  • Free to join
  • Automatic 20% off all store products (purchase minimums have to be met)
  • A minimum of 12 of the same product must be purchased at the same time to get the 20% discount at checkout

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